Gayla Trail has traveled throughout Canada and the United States conducting gardening and home canning demonstrations and speaking to audiences on the topics of urban gardening, growing food, ecology, community gardening, guerilla gardening, garden and food writing and photography, book production (from writing to design), personal travel experiences, personal story telling as it relates to non-fiction writing, building an online gardening community, and more.

Gayla’s presentations are always chock full of gorgeous photographs, personal anecdotes, inspiring ideas, and solid take-away learning.

To book Gayla as a speaker please send an email outlining your request via the contact form.

Selected Speaking & Spokesperson Engagements Include:

  • Leafscapes Urban Gardening Events (New York and Chicago): Gayla worked as a spokesperson and designer, promoting urban agriculture, leading workshops, and designing edible urban gardens for public education and viewing.
  • Terrain at Styer’s (Urban Outfitters flagship garden center, Pennsylvania): Spring “Heart Your Habitat” weekend special guest and speaker.
  • Seeds of Diversity: 25th Anniversary keynote speaker
  • Disney World, Epcot Flower & Garden Festival 2011
  • Botanic Gardens, Art Museums, & Universities (including): Denver Botanic Garden, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Montréal Botanical Garden / Jardin botanique de Montréal, Toronto Botanical Garden (Creating a Sanctuary in the City), Milwaukee Art Museum (Art in Bloom Exhibit), University of San Francisco, University of Toronto, The Royal Botanical Gardens…
  • Garden, Home, Lifestyle & Industry Shows: Yard, Garden, and Patio Show (Portland, Oregon), Canada Blooms (Toronto), OFA Short Course (Columbus, Ohio), Style at Home Show (Toronto), Vegetable Gardening Symposium (Oregon)
  • BlogHer Conference 2006 Is the Next Martha Stewart a Blogger?
  • ALT Design Summit: Building Your Brand and Your Business (2010)

Presentation Topics:

Grow Great Grub: Taking off from her book of the same name, and over a decade of experience growing edibles on her city rooftop, Gayla shows inspiring and practical ways to grow organic food in small and difficult spaces. (45 minute presentation with accompanying photographs taken by Gayla.)

Pretty Delicious: Taking off from her new book Easy Growing: Organic Herbs and Edible Flowers from Small Spaces, Gayla will showcase an array of fascinating herbs and edible flowers that will inspire new or renewed enthusiasm for your kitchen and kitchen garden (or wherever you can squeeze in a planter). (1 hour presentation with accompanying photographs taken by Gayla.)

In Search of My Grandmother’s Garden: In December 2009 Gayla set out on a journey through 3 Caribbean islands in search of her maternal roots, an understanding of her grandmother’s relationship to gardening, and ultimately answers to where her own deep need to garden comes from. Gayla has assembled a slideshow of horticultural gems and personal anecdotes gleaned from the trip. (1 hour+ presentation with accompanying photographs and short videos taken by Gayla.)

Gardening Workshop Topics:

Finding Your Voice as a Garden Writer In this intimate workshop, author and photographer Gayla Trail reveals some of the struggles and triumphs of her personal journey into garden writing and photography, and shares secrets she has learned along the way. This workshop is for people who want to write about gardening, whether out of personal or professional interest, or both. (1 1/2-2 hour Workshop + handouts)

Set it and Forget It (Well Almost): How to build a self-watering container for finicky squashes, tomatoes, and other water-loving edibles using recycled materials. (1 hour Workshop)

Container Vegetable Gardening: Growing an attractive vegetable garden in containers, from getting good soil and growing a wide assortment of fantastic vegetables to frugal yet stylish container options and beyond. (1-2 hour hands on Workshop + handouts)

Windowsill Herb Garden: Growing fresh herbs both indoors and out regardless of the size of your space. (1-2 hour hands on Workshop + handouts)

Frugal Seed Starting for Apartment Dwellers: Everything you need to know to start your own seedlings in even the smallest apartments from setup, making your own DIY lighting systems, to keeping young seedlings alive and healthy. (1 hour Workshop + handouts)

Growing Tomatoes in Containers: Yes, you can grow delicious, vine-ripened tomatoes in even the smallest space. This hands on workshop will lead you through everything you need to know to successfully grow this favourite summer food organically in a wide variety of container sizes on fire escapes, balconies, rooftops, decks, small backyards, and more. (2 hour hands on Workshop + handouts)

Canning and Preserving Workshop Topics:

Canning Workshops for Apartment Dwellers: With over a decade of experience under her belt, Gayla walks aspiring home canners through the ins and outs of canning a variety of fresh preserves. Special emphasis is placed on small batch canning in cramped and challenging apartment kitchens. Topics include: Canning heirloom tomatoes, pickles, and jams (one topic per class). (2 hour hands on Workshop + handouts)

Pickled Spring: Learn how to pickle asparagus and other delicious in-season delights to be enjoyed now or months down the road when these favourite spring ephemerals are long gone. (2 hour hands on Workshop + handouts)

Recent Speaking

Terrain at Styer’s

Terrain at Styers – Heart Your Habitat Weekend

Style at Home Show

Guerilla Gardening – October 2008.

OFA Short Course

Columbus, Ohio July 12, 2008.

University of San Francisco

Garden Literacy – April 2008.

Royal Botanical Gardens

Keynote speaker at the Health and Wellness Show

Turning Leaf Wines: Leafscapes (Chicago)

Chicago – May 2006

Turning Leaf Wines: Leafscapes (NYC)

New York – October 2005